How Content Templates Can Optimize Your Workflow

In business (and in life, really), time is money. That means eliminating steps whenever possible, and this is particularly true for a content creation workflow. For many businesses, content structure can be similar from month to month. For example, events or topics may stay consistent but specifics (time, location, details) change from month to month. These are the simple things that content templates within your content manager can make more efficient for your workflow.   In Signet’s enterprise content manager, content template messages are a powerful tool for simplifying workflow and thus freeing up time for content creators. Users simply log in, select the appropriate template message as a starting point, then edit and save. These simple steps are powered by Signet’s web-accessible content manager, saving users the extra work of creating messages via external programs (e.g. PowerPoint) and handling data upload.   Templates also expedite the re-use of background images or secondary logos/graphics. The individual image files (previously uploaded and tagged) simply attach to the template message. Once the images are part of the template messages, it simply becomes a matter of duplicating the message, retaining the associated images, and modifying the text as you see fit.   “I truly realized the benefit of these type of help tips when we started creating content for our own lobby display, and it was part of my daily workload”, says Neil Rieger, Director of Creative Services at Signet. “When I started re-using templates in more intelligent ways, I was shaving off well over 50% of my time in the content manager.”   Another trick, if your content strategy allows, is to reuse an existing template message already in your playlist. In a case like this, it’s possible to take a piece of content set to expire soon and edit it in near-real time. By doing this, the content still lives in the playlist and updates almost immediately. This saves time by eliminating the step of adding a new template to the playlist.   To start optimizing your process workflow, take a look at your current content and see if any pieces can be the foundation for a repeatable template. The other option is to consult your trusted digital display network integrator for a closer look at streamlining your content workflow. While we can’t speak for our peers in the industry, at Signet we love helping clients (and even non-clients) brainstorm ways to make their lives easier through content automation, so don’t be shy about contacting us.