Ensure Consistency Across Global Centers While Enhancing Your Customers’ Experience

Does your brand consistently offer the most impactful experience in the most efficient fashion across your global Centers? Is your briefing staff able to push a button and have customized content displayed every day? Are your customers experiencing the same “you” when they visit more than one of your Centers in a given year, quarter or month?   These are fundamental questions that all global Briefing Center programs should be asking. Seeking solutions should be their mission.   While well-established programs are more likely to have implemented the foundational elements that allow them to scale across geographies, today’s technology makes it possible for all briefing programs, regardless of size or maturity, to achieve the same level of consistency. The key is investing in reliable automation that shifts your briefing day focus from completing your logistical “to-do” checklist to actually engaging with your customers so you can address their challenges.   Center Consistency 1   In order to achieve this global consistency there are two main pillars that must be in place: a content management platform and a briefing scheduling tool.

  1. 1. The primary means to ensuring global consistency of your brand is implementing a content management platform.

This platform contains all of your company’s most recent and relevant branding assets. From industry specific imagery to new product videos, partner with your Marketing or Corporate Communications team and gather everything you can for upload to the platform. It then allows you to create and control playlists for every digital endpoint associated with your centers, regardless of location. And the final touch is to create standardized templates that tastefully illustrate the brand. From welcome displays to room monitors, media walls to Center wayfinding, these templates create the framework to brand your Center while allowing for personalization.

  1. 2. In order to create the personalization that ultimately elevates your customers’ experience, a briefing scheduling tool must be installed. This tool provides customer specific data for each briefing including attendees, titles, emails, briefing agenda, and industry of focus. By integrating this tool with the content management platform, briefing data can be accessed to automatically populate relevant templates on every digital endpoint throughout your Centers.

  Center Consistency 2   For instance, if a healthcare customer is visiting your Palo Alto Center today, your guests could see their company name/logo, and images related to healthcare on your welcome display upon arrival to your lobby. Next, they would see their agenda on the room monitor outside of their briefing room. When they enter their briefing number to the tablet at their seat, they receive a personalized message with their agenda, list of discussion leaders, form for real-time feedback, Center map, and available presentations to email to him/herself after the briefing. And, as a follow-up, they will be visiting your London Center next month. When they arrive, you would be able to ensure the same personalized experience even though the briefing is thousands of miles away?   Each aspect of these customer experiences are automated and allow the briefing program manager to spend more time engaging with his/her guests. By simply linking these two technologies together, briefing programs can quickly realize the benefits:

  1. dramatically reduce the time spent preparing day-of briefing logistics
  2. increase the number of briefings managed
  3. provide a more personalized experience
  4. elevate their global briefing program to World Class status

  This kind of scalability drives briefing programs to be more strategic and increases their ability to better demonstrate value to upper management. Most importantly, customers will come to trust the Briefing Center team to offer the best experience possible and exceed their expectations regardless of which briefing location they are visiting on that day.