Creating New IBM Watson Videowall Content

You’ve probably heard of IBM Watson or seen him compete and win on Jeopardy against past winners. Watson is the personification of IBM’s big initiative in cognitive business and our clients at IBM have been looking at how we can help them feature those important initiatives in cool new ways. Signet has been keeping an eye on all the latest marketing campaigns and national spots, always thinking of interesting ways to help create digital content and experiences that our IBM clients can leverage on their digital display network and beyond.   With the first executions being for wider format video walls, we created a couple sets of content to fit a 7×1 video wall (portrait orientation display arrangement). The content is around 30-45 seconds apiece and each segment of content has varying highlights, which alternate during playback to always serve up a slightly different message.

IBM Watson TV Commercial Spot Highlights:
Watson Platform Cloud-based API Highlights:



And the best part about this new content (at least for the client) is that it did NOT involve big production costs or lengthy timeline and repurposed existing assets that were easily obtainable.   What new initiative is your company focusing on lately that you can help promote and feature in attractive ways to get your workforce excited about it?