Connecting with Employees Beyond Normal Corporate Communications

It’s easy to think of corporate communications as something that’s passive — an advertisement or welcome screen in the lobby, that sort of thing. However, at Signet, we’ve seen the entire range of internal communication uses through our many creative customers. Our conclusion? Corporate communication content can be whatever you want to show your employee base. In fact, we often encourage internal communication teams to think beyond their normal content and seek out new data examples even if they don’t exist digitally yet.   Think about your goals as a company. When crafting your content strategy, consider what impressions the company wants each person to have. Are you trying to improve engagement, are you communicating values, are you trying to improve performance? The common answer is usually all of the above.   Thus, a best case scenario is to display information that engages with the right information for the right audience. In a company forum, that means front and center in a venue where employees can see it every day. Content is critical to success. One way to craft content is to determine your common key performance indicators — not only what they are, but how to engage employees in maximizing them. Once those are defined, those types of metrics can be displayed as public company focus points, all updated in real time. Remember those old signs you’d see in manufacturing plants, the tin signs that said “days without an accident”? This is the modern equivalent of that.   Let’s look at some examples.

    1. a. Customer Interactions
      • Open issues
      • Average resolution time
      • # of current issues
      • Issues that have taken longer that a single call to resolve
      • # of current Escalated issues
    1. b. Web Interactions
      • # of customers on site now
      • # of unique visits
      • Length of time spent on each visit
      • # of pages viewed
      • # of asset downloads
    1. c. Marketing
      • # of marketing qualified leads
      • # of sales qualified leads
      • % of MQLs that turn into SQL
  1. d. Sales
    • $ closed quarter to date against target
    • $ close year to date against target

  These examples provide valuable daily metrics at a glance, helping staff stay informed, motivated, and focused. The best part? This type of data can be pulled seamlessly and automatically via a web service or APi. Thus, the hard part is just the initial setup and content curation; after that, there’s no daily or manual upkeep effort.   By utilizing innovative data sources within your internal communications, employees become engaged while key information and messages are passed forward. This promotes awareness and proactive thinking among staff, boosting company collaboration and helping everyone keep an eye on the proverbial ball — oh, and on those screens as well.