Benefits of Going Digital for Briefing Feedback Surveys

Measuring success starts with gathering feedback, and the most popular way for businesses to gather feedback from visitors to their briefing centers is end-of-day surveys.   These surveys are usually printed on paper and require guests to manually fill out answers about their experience. The surveys are then collected and a staff member processes the data manually at the end of a day.   But what if we told you that you could still get detailed, accurate feedback about your briefing center and have all your data automatically stored in a database without all the manual labor, printing, etc.? Well, now you can. Here are just a few benefits of taking your company’s briefing center program digital.   You Leave a Big Impression   A briefing center is where companies connect with their biggest customers. However, you’re going to have a hard time convincing your guests that you’re ahead of your competition when you hand out a paper survey at the end of the day.   On the other hand, presenting your customers with a digital survey either online or on a tablet device shows your company means business.   Paper surveys can be painful to fill out. If a guest makes a mistake, they either have to erase their answer, cross it out, or start over. Plus, they can undermine the quality of the feedback you are given, as someone might forget to answer a question or run out of writing space to properly detail their experience.   A digital survey takes care of all of these issues. Customers can either select a ranking with the click of a button or type out their answers, simply making changes along the way. They can be reminded to answer any questions they may have missed, meaning you consistently get complete feedback about your programs.   “Electronic surveys are much more efficient and accurate at capturing data. Using Paper surveys can be difficult when having to decipher some of the hand-written feedback and requires manual input for reporting which is very time consuming,” said a member of the VMware briefing program who started using electronic surveys earlier this year. “Having electronic surveys also helps eliminate the time consuming manual entry which was problematic when we need almost immediate reports to give to our stakeholders and sponsors.”   EBC going digital: Signet   You Maximize Your Efficiency   Automation is the best way to maximize your company’s resources. Going digital at your briefing center allows you to simply automate the process of gathering feedback on your program.   After your guests fill in their surveys, all their answers are automatically entered into your preferred database. From there, your digital reporting tool can automatically generate high-quality end-of-day reports and integrate your results into your collective data for further analysis.   Going digital also allows you to free up your staff members. In turn, you’ll be able to drive down the costs of running your briefing centers or, more importantly, use that time to run more briefings or engage more strategically with your customers.   Go Digital at Your Briefing Center Today   Every briefing program is different. However, a digital feedback process allows you to impress your guests, save time, and free up your staff members. To find out more about how to go digital at your briefing center, view how one company went digital here here or contact us today.