3 Ways To Maximize Your Guests’ First Impressions

First impressions matter, in business and in life. In business, this impacts an area that you may not necessarily expect: the corporate office lobby and reception. This area represents the first physical interaction potential clients, partners, investors, and employees will have with your brand (outside of consumer products). Have you given this space the thought and planning it deserves?   Digital experiences can help steer that first impression, all while adding a layer of capability to your message. Make it more than just something pretty to look at; this is an opportunity to be functional and create a positive impact.   What needs to be considered? Ask yourself these three questions:   Question 1: What impression do you want to leave? Visitors will have an emotional reaction when visiting a new space. Don’t leave it to change and pln that first impression. Too many businesses depend on the architecture to provide that first impressions without planning integrated communications, messaging, or visual reinforcement of branding. Think about what you want your visitors to experience, both from an audio and visual perspective, then plan how to execute it. This may mean incorporating all sorts of new equipment, such as a multi-screen video wall, large 4k display, touch-enabled screens, and more.   Question 2: What will your guests need to do? Guests aren’t just coming to your company for fun, so what is the purpose of their visit? Are they learning more about the company in a tour? Are they coming for a specific meeting or briefing? Are they just visiting a friend? If guests arrive and feel confused or stranded, this will impact that all-important first impression. What is their first interaction to help them in this moment of uncertainty? You should take your guests’ purpose into account when crafting your lobby experience so they feel welcome, informed, and confident with where they’re heading.   Question 3: Is it easy to update your experience? Strategies change. Trends change. Technology changes. With all of this change constantly moving targets, it’s important to have a system that allows you to update your lobby display and experience quickly and easily. This allows you to make plans in advance, integrating new messaging, branding elements, or seasonal assets on digital endpoints such as video walls and kiosks. The technology that powers this is usually a web-based content management system. This delivers flexibility for limitless experience ideas without the need to contract outside help to get it done.   You have many options for designing the first impression of your visitor’s experience. As long you deliver your brand message and get them where they need to go, then your company will come off as welcoming, professional, and helpful from the first moment forward. Regardless of what options you select, the important thing is that you take the time to formulate a plan ahead. That will ensure that you are maximizing the visitor experience, which in turn maximizes your brand reputation.