3 Ways to Automate Personalized Welcome Messages at Briefings Centers

Not too long ago, the idea of machines personally greeting you as you walked in the lobby seemed like science-fiction. However, briefing centers can now handle this type of smart technology, and it doesn’t even have to involve an all-knowing AI controlling everything. Instead, it’s a simple combination of single-sourced data, connected displays, and practical planning. The result? Your guests will feel more welcome and immediately get a sense of your company’s innovation — and when they feel more welcome, your brand and reputation benefit. Here are three easy ways to do that:   1. Personalized Greetings Creating automated personalized greetings is very easy with single-sourced content. As little as 10 years ago, this was the job of the administrator — names would have to be manually typed in every morning before guests arrived. Now that the guests are input in a scheduling system, your content management software can pull that data and display it at the appropriate time. Other metadata attributes, such as company logos or country of origin, can be included to make them feel even more welcome.   2. Wayfinding for Guests Chances are, visitors to your briefing center aren’t from the area — if not from the city, then at least from outside of the immediate neighborhood. You’ll be able to use this information to provide helpful wayfinding data. From a map with convenient coffee shops, local attractions, and restaurants to briefing center displays of the nearest restrooms and break rooms, this type of wayfinding can be automatically generated with little effort, and you can bet that visitors will find it handy as soon as they are hanging out in your lounge for a break.   3. Relate to their Needs With the visitor’s data being populated in the scheduling system, it’s easy to systematically associate a visitor with their industry and/or their interested solution topic. From there, a content management system can pull content based on metadata, and know which media, data feeds, or other content is related. Once that info is collated, it can be scheduled to display whenever someone from that industry visits your briefing center.   Every briefing center is unique in its design and layout. Because of that, you’ll have to decide on the best place for your displays, single or videowall. In some cases, it works right up front in the lobby, and other times, a sitting area or extended waiting area is more appropriate. Integrate these key tips into your visitor experience strategy and you’ll see how your welcome experience — and your brand — can be more engaging, more personalized, and more effective.