3 Simple Tips for Trade Show Booth Success

While trade shows have been around since medieval times, they are still an essential way for companies to obtain new customers and promote their products/services.   However, today’s guests expect much more from companies than a traditional booth with a few flyers and a simple presentation. For you to have success at a trade show, your booth needs to cater for your event guests by reeling them in and keeping them engaged. Luckily, thanks to new technology, there are a variety of ways for you to do so. While every trade booth is as unique as the company it represents, below are 3 simple tips to building a successful trade booth that everyone should consider.  

    1. 1. Stand Out From The Crowd


First thing’s first; in order to be successful at a trade event, you need to draw in your customer’s attention. In order to do so, ask yourself the following question; what is the best, most attractive content or experience I can use to attract my customers?


Maybe a huge video wall featuring one of your latest promo videos? Or maybe a slide show featuring your brand’s best imagery presented on big, high-resolution digital displays? Today’s technology is getting more affordable, so feel free to dream big here.

Next time you’re at a trade event, look around to see what grabs your attention and use that to inspire your own setup.


    1. 2. Stay Connected To Your Customer


Once you’ve managed to get someone to your booth, don’t let them go. Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to strap someone to a chair to keep them from leaving. Instead, make sure you have the capability to email any of your information to your customers before they take off.


This has two main benefits. First of all, you get the customer’s email address, meaning you have a concrete way to contact them in the future with new information. Secondly, it ensures your content actually gets seen. Too many companies rely on flyers or brochures to get their message across at trade fairs, but they barely even make it out of the venue.


Email is the safest way to ensure your content makes it home safely with your guest, allowing you to send your most important files straight to their inbox.


    1. 3. Let Your Reps Be Mobile


Nowadays, many companies rely on their reps to use interactive touch screen displays to present information. While these displays are an extremely powerful tool, they can restrict where your reps engage with their guests.


We suggest accompanying your digital displays with tablets. This allows your reps to remain mobile and walk around the outer boundaries of your booth and quickly engage passersby on the spot rather than having to lead them into the booth itself.


If mobile tablets aren’t currently in your booth strategy, bring up the idea and see what hurdles there are to get them included. You can see the Signet event booth application and its tablet version here: https://signet.tv/gallery-eventApplication.html


    1. Fasttrack Your Trade Show Success Today


Most event teams revisit their strategies on a yearly basis. Next time your team meets, bring up the above ideas and see how you can fit them into your booth experience plan and budget.


Remember, a good first step is always to research what other companies similar to yours are doing at events and using that to inspire your own original idea.


For more information on how to effortlessly engage your trade show guests, contact us today.