3 Keys to Using Social Media as a Content Source

The hardest part of content generation can be coming up with fresh and exciting ideas — ideas that can be easily propagated into brand-approved messages. However, there’s one source of constantly exciting and engaging corporate material right under your nose: your social media team. Your social media team operates on a level that is engaging and dynamic, making it an easily leverageable resource for your display content — be it tradeshow, retail, or even internal communications.   What should you pull specifically from your social media platforms? Here are three keys that can be used to guide your strategy in propagating social media posts into display content.              1. Pick the Source for Your Best Content Social media platforms offer unique ways to engage audiences. How does this translate to display content? It depends on what your target and goals are. For more informative and up-to-date news, go with Twitter. Need longer descriptions? Facebook is a good idea. Want multimedia? Consider your brand’s Instagram or Vine accounts. Whichever platform you use, make sure it syncs up with the purpose of your display and the people who will be viewing it.              2. Keep It Relevant by Hashtag or Accounts It’s easy to drill-down social media posts by using hashtags or specific brand accounts. This allows your display to sync up with your social media team in a strategic way. For example, you can create a special internal hashtag for anything appropriate for the display — by having the content pull specifically from this hashtag, it will ensure that the right posts are displayed. In some cases, brands have multiple accounts or other partners, and these can also be sourced. Consider how to employ this strategy, from unique promotions to seasonal trending topics. Combined, this can maximize your audience’s experience.              3. Moderate It Strategically and Systematically Social media is, of course, a social platform. That openness enables people to say things that you may not necessarily want to be part of your public display. By creating keywords to filter out — from competitor names to curse words to simple negative words such as “fail” — this allows for strategic moderation while maintaining automation to maximize your staff’s abilities and resources. This also ensures that your brand’s display maintains its integrity while staying on message.   Social media provides a diverse, unique, and yes, even fun way for brands to engage with their audiences. A combination of creativity and promotion make up the best brand social media accounts, and this unique content can be collated into exciting material used on flatscreen displays, large-scale video walls, tradeshow booths, even supporting mobile apps. Best of all, it can be strategically automated, providing the best of efficiency and quality.