3 Easy Steps To Keep Your Corporate Communications Fresh in the New Year

Presents have been opened. Champagne has been had. One (or more) large meals have been enjoyed. And now the calendar has turned to 2016 — back to work, back to corporate communications. But how can you inspire your employees after the holiday letdown? Visually stimulating content can break creative ruts and help kickstart a successful 2016…and here’s how you achieve that:   1. Swap Template Assets: If you’ve been using the same template assets for months, it’s time to switch things up. Those images and icons may have fit for a while, but consistent visuals can numb the audience, diluting its impact despite the quality of the message. For example, if you’re in the health and wellness industry and you’ve used a stock healthcare photo, it may be time to use a different one or take an actual photo of your facility.   2. Add Motion To Your Template: Simple visual movement can grab the audience’s attention after a long break. Motion and animation can be easily incorporated into any output, even if it’s basic HTML. Select several core background graphics to be used in a slideshow or use more advanced animation techniques from your management program, PowerPoint, or HTML5 coding. If you’ve got an internal design team or an outside vendor, ask about their previous motion work.   3. Mix Up Your Playlist: Sometimes, you can switch things up without editing any graphics or content. Instead, all you have to do is re-order your content playlist. This breaks established expectations, prompting second looks to see what’s next. Some content managers allow you to create sub-playlists or alter the order of sub-playlists, along with setting conditional (time, event, season) displays.   The start of a new year is dense with to-do lists and ramp-up plans. Crafting a brand-new content at this time can be difficult, and these small updates can leave a big impression without putting in much effort. Order and template changes can make content fresh, even to those who see their displays every day. It’s not just a way to kick off 2016; keep this technique in your back pocket whenever your content needs a refresher.