3 Easy Steps For Harnessing Your Analytics Findings

You have an amazing touch-interactive app to display your brand’s media, and you’ve connected analytics to determine the data behind file views. Congratulations – you’re ahead of a lot of companies, and your tradeshow booth, retail kiosk, or briefing center experience is on the cutting edge. But what do those analytics really tell? And how can you use them to optimize your audience’s experience?   The volume of metrics and statistics in your analytics dashboard may be overwhelming, but it all comes down to knowing what to look for and why. Here are Signet’s top-three actionable steps you can do right now to maximize your analytics data:   1. Remove the Fluff: Your stats will clearly tell which media items aren’t gaining much traction. Don’t take it personally – listen to your audience. Statistically, there will almost always be percentage of media that just doesn’t catch on with an audience (think of a bell curve of activity). Remove those elements from your database and use that as an opportunity to try new material.   2. Ride the Wave: Trends shift all the time in the digital age. We’ve seen particular forms of media because really hot for bursts of time. Your analytics will tell you if this trend is hitting your media. If you notice a particular theme or media type is consistently among your top performers, be sure to capitalize on this trend and ride the wave to even greater success.   3. Highlight Popular Topics: Trends don’t just impact types of media, they also drive topics. Your stats won’t lie; one look and you’ll be able to see if certain keywords and topics are grabbing most of your audience’s attention. If a certain category is trending, play it up visually and take advantage of it (larger buttons, larger captions, etc.). Other categories can remain in your playlist for diversity, but you can harness the latest trends to promote your interactive experiences.   These steps are all easy and tangible improvements; they can quickly become part of the strategic workflow for your interactive experience. Bigger ideas with more sweeping changes can always occur, and your analytics will help you define those, but these steps are the proverbial low-lying fruit when it comes to analytics. Sometimes, even the smallest things can make significant impacts on your audience and the success of your digital experience.