Office Environment

Office Environment
Office Environment

Giving the Extra
Element of Digital

Integrating a digital display network into an office is a highly effective means of creating a communication platform that can be leveraged for various purposes. This office environment took advantage of this innovative display means, and created custom display layouts for specific areas of the office and even took it a step further with a touch-screen experience for guests. With one central content management system, the display network leverages all uploaded brand content and can be easily setup and scheduled across the entire digital display network.

Lobby Display Template

Lobby Display

Introducing an innovative digital touch to the office, employees and guests are greeted upon entry with branded digital media. With a main window for showing brand video content and custom data widgets showing relevant and local information, the content provides opportunity for better brand connections with viewers.

Social Media Display

In other key points in the office, a more social focused display provides company and industry specific social content, as well as scheduled brand content. The data sources are setup to pull feeds from company and industry sources and meant to give a current social and informative snapshot.

Virtual Concierge

A powerful digital tool for guests, one display is dedicated to being a virtual concierge that offers helpful information at the touch of the screen. The interactive touch-screen display offers guests the ability to find local area information that can help them have a better or more efficient stay. Using a simple interface with recognizable map interfaces, the guest can easily find local hotels and restaurants, check the weather, or get flight information.