Mobile Audio Synchronization
for Networked Displays

A new platform from Signet, Eyesync enables multiple concurrent users to select and stream audio from a networked display to their personal mobile device. To learn more about Eyesync, visit the website at eyesync.tv.

Eyesync on Mobile Devices

Audio Synchronization for Network Displays

Engagement in physical environments via digital displays is an increasingly attainable means to solving communication and engagement business needs while addressing customer wants.


A common barrier to entry for businesses is streaming audio from displays to end-users. Breaking through that barrier, Eyesync allows multiple video channels to live concurrently in one environment while simultaneously delivering a synchronized audio and visual experience for audiences.

Eyesync Channel Selection

Streaming Audio to Mobile Devices

The innovative technology platform called Eyesync utilizes the a personal mobile device as the entry point to an immersive visual and audio sensory experience.


Eyesync synchronizes digital displays with mobile devices, enabling users to hear the audio on their devices. Part of the Eyesync platform is a mobile application that detects and connects to the Eyesync enabled environment.

Eyesync Architecture Diagram

Complete Solution

The Eyesync platform transforms what was once a singular visual digital signage experience in to a dual-mode audio/visual experience. Eyesync offers the technology solution and all related services needed to optimize, deploy, monitor, and maintain streaming audio across a digital signage network. Businesses can have a digital display/audio solution up-and-running quickly.

Benefits Business&Customer

The Eyesync platform provides an integrated streaming audio solution to digital signage deployments adding a previously unavailable layer of end-user value and engagement. Digital signage networks offering Eyesync enable business to:

  • Offer a connected audio experience that augments the customer’s visual experience
  • Drive customer loyalty by providing a unique experience available only at Eyesync enabled environments
  • Gain metrics and reporting on customer usage and engagement