Executive Briefing Center

Executive Briefing Center
Executive Briefing Center

a Richer Environment

Looking to enrich their briefing center environment to engage their visitors and employees through a digital means, this briefing center created an immersive experience through digital display content that connected with viewers. The digital display network has given them an efficient and effective way to welcome guests, entertain viewers, feature branded content, and promote new campaigns. Through ongoing content strategy and planning, the display network is kept fresh and up to date with the latest brand messages and content, while also in-line with experience mapping through key touch points in the briefing center space.

Entrance Lobby Media Walls

Facing the main entrance, a 30-display media wall greets all guests with animated content and brand messaging that spans across the elevator hallway. Vivid content is synced across the two arranged media walls, and rendered at its full native resolution, creates a high-impact environment for any digital media. The content for this media wall is fully managed with custom messaging ability and playlist scheduling.

Welcome video wall

Welcome Media Walls

Just upstairs, the executive briefing center lobby leverages a four-display media wall to welcome guests and inform them of their meeting room and its location based on data from the scheduling system. The media wall also includes branded content and ability for scheduling of content playback based on time, industry, and specific guests.

Room Monitor Displays

The briefing center room displays provide helpful context for all guests, showing meeting agenda information. The guest company name, meeting information, and any associated details are systematically pulled from their scheduling system, creating a self-sustaining solution. When the room is available, with no guests scheduling for meetings, it displays another mode which is more informative for passing by guests.

Lounge Area

In the lounge area within the briefing center, a large-scale display offers more informative and entertaining content for guests to view while in-between meetings or taking a break. This display endpoint  features specific brand content per guest or industry, and also includes informative data widgets that pull in industry news, local weather, or custom social media data.