Event Application

Event Application
Event Application

Sparking the conversation
with interactivity at your event

Entice and engage event patrons at your booth with an interactive experience that surfaces your message in a more innovative and memorable way. Signet offers application frameworks that are flexible in deployment methods and customizable to your experience objectives and specific content.

Event Application in Action

Powerful Event Engagement

An event application can be a powerful tool for engaging with your booth guests. It provides a more innovative means of presenting content and interacting with guests, while also a more efficient process for event marketing management. Our event application framework is based off of a content management system which can be setup per event with multiple booth instances, and allow easy updates for content through a web portal.

Event Application Home Screen

Multiple Experiences Included

The application framework can include various experience modules ranging from various asset type content viewing, email-able content assets, whiteboard diagramming, and internet webpages. Your event content can be surfaced in categorical topics with custom graphical treatment specific to this event. The application interface can have customizable elements for each event such as sponsor logos, event host relevant content, or related to new brand products or initiatives.

Event Application Collateral Screen

Sending Collateral and Tracking

Allow your booth guests to receive emailed collateral about their discussion, straight from the application. The event application can include associated PDF files that can be packaged up and emailed to the guest with any specific notes from the conversation. Our application analytics also tracks all asset delivery for post-event metrics and follow-up discussions with your potential customers.

Flexible Framework

The framework of the tool is web-based which will easily allow the application to be deployed across various touch-enabled devices and form factors. From large interactive displays, to tablets, to large multi-display touch enabled media walls, this interactive tool can span various sizes and resolutions to fit your specific needs. With more future applications moving towards web-based approaches, this event application solution is built to grow and be modified to adapt to future technology and applications.