Digital Whiteboard

Digital Whiteboard
Digital Whiteboard

A More Innovative
Means to Whiteboarding

Wanting to provide a more efficient and innovative presentation and collaboration tool for our clients, Signet created a digital whiteboarding and solution diagramming tool. This digital solution can be integrated into any interactive application and can include customization per instance to account for client specific branding and assets.

Whiteboard Tools

Whiteboarding Capabilities

With full whiteboarding capability, you’ll never need to check if your dry-erase markers are dried out again. This digital tool allows users to draw lines of various thicknesses, types, and colors while also having an additional highlighter function to highlight any area in a specified color. The tool can have customized colors to match your brand or products, allowing for a more brand specific and impactful work session.

Social Media Display

Diagramming Functionality

The tool also allows for Visio-like diagramming functions, turning your whiteboarding session into a hybrid collaboration workshop with brand specific imagery and product icons. Just drag out the icons to the same canvas as you were whiteboarding on, and your solution becomes brand specific and cleaner with product imagery and various graphic symbols. You can create pre-built templates to start from, and the library of assets are easily updatable to allow for quick updating of new products and brand icons.

Session Exporting

With this digital solution, there is no more need to capture your whiteboarding session by taking a picture on your mobile phone. The solution framework allows the session to be exported to multiple email addresses or scanning a QR code which can easily allow the user to save and take their session with them for viewing later.

Flexible Framework

The framework of the tool is web-based which will easily allow the solution to be integrated across applications build for various platforms and form factors. From large interactive displays, to tablets, to large multi-display touch enabled media walls, this interactive tool can span various resolutions to fit your specific needs. With more future applications moving towards web-based approaches, this digital solution is built to grow and be modified to adapt to future technology and applications.