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AAA Retail
AAA Retail

The New AAA Retail
Customer Engagement

AAA has planned out a re-defined digital customer experience for their west coast branches and it launched with the re-opening of the Folsom, California branch location. The new experience targets consumer flow and digital experience optimization, and the recent Folsom launch was driven by one of Signet’s strategic partners: world-renowned architectural firm Gensler.


Queue Displays

Customer Queue Integration

One of the most impactful elements was the new queueing system process. Signet integrated with AAA’s queueing vender QLess for a custom touch experience that puts customers right in line after entering their info and reason for visit. Once entered, customers can see their place in line on a screen in the lounge area which also indicates when they are being called by the rep for their turn.

Interactive Application

Lounge Interactive Application

In the customer waiting area, a large-format touch screen houses a custom application created to allow users to learn more about AAA products and services. Customers can browse different topics including entering their zip code to see the various ranges of towing services that are included in the AAA offerings. The application is deployed, monitored and easily updated through the Signet enterprise content manager.

Lounge Media Wall

Lounge Media Wall

Viewable throughout the branch entry and waiting area, the high-visibility media wall, with its ability to play 4k native content across four screens, made an immediate impact. For launch, a custom video was created, though the staff was also trained on the Signet content manager, enabling easy content updates or strategic additions.

Employee Break Area

Behind the scenes, the break room now includes a custom experience for AAA employees to watch television or view company messaging. The custom channel of content also includes various data modules that pull in the different AAA social and news feeds, the local weather and AAA stock information, and any relevant RSS feeds that AAA thinks their employees will appreciate. All these features are easily managed and modified in the content manager and will allow for multi-branch management once more branches are rolled out.