Optimize Your Tradeshow Booth with Interactive and Dynamic Capabilities

Interactivity is a key driving force for booth engagement at tradeshows. Likewise, technological advancements allow for an increase in custom on-demand interactions and systems. Booth representatives comprehend that every visitor’s needs are different, and require the right apparatus to meet those needs instantly.   So, how do booth representatives engage with visitors in an efficient manner? They do so by gaining a feel for the crowd, then utilizing a library of assets related to a tradeshow’s topics, and finally choosing files to show that will resonate with visitors.   There is no need to limit what your booth presents to visitors, and what you perceive they want to watch. Furthermore, the conversation flow can move in any direction, and you require the perfect tool for your representatives to pivot as quickly as necessary.    

  1. Leverage The Appropriate File Types

Your talented marketing team has produced some amazing video content. However, your visitors do not want to stand around and view a video at an event booth.   A more appealing alternative is to implement a multi-page file type instead. Then, the representative can easily flip through to the appropriate page quickly, in response to the conversation held with a visitor.   Booth representatives are familiar with the files available in the system and aware of which sections or pages, are more impactful. PowerPoints or multi-page PDFs work well in such events and are the perfect file types to email out afterwards. Moreover, this can take place on the spot with your interactive tool.    

  1. Use Digital Whiteboards For Maximum Effect

Adopting non-presentation methods by employing digital whiteboarding enhances collaborative discussion and work sessions. This way, your visitor does not feel like you are presenting but working with them instead, as you create something custom for them on the fly.   Whiteboarding is a popular process, and a feasible method to gain traction with potential customers. You customize ideas based on customer feedback instantaneously. This includes erasing elements and re-connecting diagrams to fit in with potential customers’ needs, and what they want to see.   The versatility of digital whiteboards does not end there, as they allow you to send an email of the diagram to the visitor instantly. In addition, they track and keep records of the diagram and visitor’s email address, through the system after the event.    

  1. Easily Track The Interactive Experience For Success Metrics

Keep track of the most viewed and emailed out content, their respective categories and sections of the event that proved popular. Also, monitor the exact file assets viewed, the duration thereof, and those emailed out. Thus, it is easy to detect which files are a hit with event audiences and source more of these.   Alternatively, identify file assets not used or viewed, which you can update or remove. Enjoy the benefits of not having to waste valuable resources on files that are redundant.   Measuring success is always a daunting task, and usually an afterthought. Interactive apps or experiences make it simple to measure various metrics and discern the overall success rate. More importantly, you can track all these metrics, view them later and export a report for other parties.     Optimize and take your booth to the next level with an interactive experience. Nowadays, event guests expect the best, craving advanced and immersive digital experiences. Do not disappoint your potential customers with a sub-par experience at your booth. Instead, your booth should be an attractive, engaging and innovative extension of your brand; a new-age interactive experience will elevate it and bring forth success.