The Evolution Of Innovative Event Applications

While trade shows have been around for centuries, the technology used at these shows has only started to make major leaps forward within the last decade. Thanks to new technology and application software, exhibitors are now able to incorporate new types of interactivity and greater capabilities into their presentation displays and mobile devices.   Thanks to things like analytics, digital whiteboarding, real-time collateral distribution, easy media updates, and global availability, the way we present at and experience trade shows is changing completely.   In this article, we’ll take a brief look at the some of the highlights in the development of innovative event technology. Also remember to check out the embedded video for an example of how our interactive trade show application is allowing exhibitors like DellEMC and many others to completely revamp their approach to trade shows and events.         Customer Insights   Customer insights is one of the main highlights of new event/trade show technology. With the rollout of new digital systems, event displays have become completely interactive thanks to applications accessible through large touch screens, tablets, or other monitors.   Event session info and analytics can now be aggregated per booth, session, and lead, and once in the platform, can be exported into a report or even integrated into CRM systems like SalesForce to push the information covered in the event even further.   The analytics that come with this new technology also work wonders for future planning. For example, the ability to analyze metrics like the total number of views and average view time per piece of content and whether that content was opened later allows event planners to gather innovative new intel about their presentations and how to improve on them in the future.   And that’s just the tip of the iceberg; new technology might be able to integrate innovative ways to read the name badges of a visitor and tie that information into the presentation to further customize the content being presented.     Digital Whiteboard Integration   Remember the days when trade show visitors would snap pictures of whiteboarding sessions and email them to themselves to take note? Well, those days are long gone. Thanks to new digital whiteboarding and diagramming solutions, it’s now easier than ever before to share the content from a whiteboarding session.   This new technology makes it easy to associate a session to a lead and store/distribute that whiteboard program however needed. This is a huge improvement in efficiency, as reps are now able to save a whiteboard and email it out to a customer right there while all the information is automatically stored in their event platform.   And again, this is only the tip of the iceberg; new technology will get even more specific to support specific diagramming functions like Visio and utilize branded graphics and pre-set templates that are specific to key topics of the event. This will really take whiteboarding to the next level and make for stunning, clean visuals and increased efficiency.     Advanced Content Pooling   One last major development in the world of event and trade show tech lies in the advancement of content pooling. Today’s platforms allow targeted event booth apps that streamline the process of uploading content for an event, categorizing it, and then assigning it. This means you can literally say goodbye to the days when customers waited for booth reps to search for their content.   This advancement also makes it easier to transfer assets and content to an upcoming event. Reps and leads can easily select material and categorize that which are relevant to a next event and transfer them, rather than having to re-upload and categorize individual content pieces.   One way content pooling will advance even further is by simply getting more customized. Imagine if you knew the visitor who walked up to the booth, their interests or company lead info, and could leverage that to provide them with custom on-demand content. Or, imagine if technology could get so advanced as to make intelligent suggestions of what kind of content to present to an individual based on precise analytics. This kind of technology, while it seems far off, may be just around the corner.     The Future Of Event Innovation   As we’ve seen, event and trade show technology has come a long way over the last decade with major advancements to customer insight, digital whiteboarding, and content pooling. And it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down; thanks to rapid developments in the tech world, the way we present and experience event booths is changing faster than ever before.