Signet to Feature Eyesync and Award-Winning Solutions at DSE 2015

The Digital Signage Expo (DSE) is our industry’s biggest event, and we’re proud that Signet will be part of it. Hosted in Las Vegas from March 10 to March 13, the DSE has been the showcase for cutting-edge technology and solutions since 2004. Vendors, companies, and firms of all kinds descend on DSE to steer the industry forward and engage in thought-leadership discussions through major panels and individual collaboration. It’s a pleasure and an honor to be among our industry peers at this major event.   In particular, the Signet booth’s big feature demonstration will be the groundbreaking Eyesync platform. Eyesync addresses a significant hurdle faced by media displays and digital signage — engaging the viewer with clear and direct audio, even when multiple viewing experiences are running in parallel. Eyesync delivers an unprecedented immersive experience by streaming directly to a viewer’s mobile device. Signet’s DSE booth provides a clear demo, particularly how the platform synchronizes targeted audio in a diverse range of environments: sports bars, gyms, hotels, airports, and any other location with multiple digital displays.   At the booth, visitors can download the Eyesync app from iTunes or Google Play, install it to their devices, and connect to hear audio from the Signet video wall. Visitors will also be able to keep the great Eyesync-branded headphones they use for the demo.   In addition to Eyesync, other Signet solutions will be featured across touch experiences and mobility solutions. Representatives at Signet’s booth will use their mobile devices to manage content on a 2×2 media wall; this will include the main Eyesync demo and various other project highlights across industry disciplines. Other touch-enabled screens and tablets will be running enterprise applications showcasing document presentation, digital whiteboarding and diagramming, and 3D product interactions.   One of Signet’s featured touch applications will be the EMC Conversation Station — a Signet product that’s quickly gaining major industry buzz. Ask the Signet booth staff for a hands-on demo of the EMC Conversation, and you’ll quickly see why it was recognized as a finalist for the DSE Apex Installation Awards – Interactive Self-Service as well as Exhibitor Magazine’s Portable/Modular Awards.   DSE 2015 is going to be an exciting time for the digital signage industry: a few days jam-packed with innovations and great people. If you’re going to the event, come by the Signet booth FT23 for a demo of our latest technology or simply to say hello. We always love to get to know our industry peers, and don’t forget to grab a free pair of Eyesync-branded headphones!