Signet Clients & Technology Showcased At This Year’s ABPM Spring Conference

For members of the Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM), spring means the annual Spring Conference. The event — ABPM’s biggest in the U.S. — took place in Washington, D.C. and carried the theme of “Capitalize on World Class.”   Why is it such a big deal to Signet? ABPM is the leading organization in the briefing center industry, and their event provides an excellent opportunity for the industry to come together and share ideas, generate excitement, make connections and leave with new ideas that take us all to the next level. We suspected that this year would be extra special, as a some Signet clients were presenting at breakout sessions and giving tours of their centers in the area, while Signet was also promoting a new EBC tablet application to enhance customer experience and admin facilitation.   We were thrilled to see that our clients had a great presence at this year’s event. With two briefing centers in the area, these respective opened their facilities on Tour Day, allowing event patrons get to visit multiple centers and get tours by briefing managers to learn each center’s experience, features, and strategies. The EMC Executive Briefing Center in McLean, VA was hosted by Bernie Baker, Vice President, Global Executive Briefing Program. Bernie did a great job giving the tour and presentation, showcasing much of what Signet achieved with multiple digital endpoints for dynamic content, data integration and client personalization. The Verizon Solutions Center in Ashburn Virginia was the other tour location featuring Signet solutions: a large three-projector entry wall with customizable welcome message and industry-specific content in the central solution exhibit area.   We were also very excited to see some of our other clients give breakout session presentations:  

  • From IBM, Keeley Weisbard presented “Step on our Digital Welcome Mat and Explore an Exceptional EBC Experience” which showcased all the various experiential and integrations at the IBM Global Solutions Center in Dallas, TX.
  • From Xilinx, Darby Mason-Werner presented “9 Elements for Developing Your Strategic Briefing Program” which explained how new briefing professionals can develop a strategic briefing program from scratch.
  • From EMC, Dina Greenwald and Perin Adams presented “Social … What? Using Social Media to promote your Executive Briefing Program” which showcased how innovation can leverage social to help enhance communication and engagement.
  • From EMC, Drew Schlussel presented “Cashing in on the Data Gold Rush” which detailed how to leverage customer feedback with the right data analysis.
  • From Brocade, Susie Giacomelli presented “Strategic Value of Establishing a Customer Advisory Board Program within a Global Briefing Program” which covered strategic investment in customer relationships and actionable insights.

  ABPM 2015 Event Booth   Further surprises came at the awards, where ABPM recognizes members with personal accolades as well as actual briefing centers for being “world class” per their industry-leading definition. We were thrilled to see Darby Mason-Werner from Xilinx, a long time Signet client, win the ABPM President’s Service Award, which was only given to a single member at this event. We were also excited to hear that the IBM Global Solutions Center in Dallas, Texas was recognized as a “World Class Center”. This title is the highest achievement for a briefing center and only earned following a thorough examination by the ABPM advisory board. We’re proud to have been involved with our client Keeley Weisbard and the IBM Dallas team to create such a great center experience.   Another highlight for us was publicly displaying the EBC tablet application for the first time. The application features a personalized visitor experience that ties into the briefing scheduling system to provide all meeting details and other briefing-specific content and center details. The application also focuses on facilitation with intuitive feedback and survey opportunities for visitors, in addition to an administrator analytics portal for easy access to briefing data per session or center. The Signet team has been working on the application for some time now but this ABPM event proved to be the perfect for public launch.   With all the excitement at this ABPM spring event, Signet was thrilled to attend and learn from the experiences and challenges of other key industry members. The awards and achievements were great for our deserving clients, and we’re happy to see them recognized at this distinguished event. The briefing center industry is gathering momentum, and we’re excited to keep innovating and pushing our solutions. Through partner/client collaboration, we will continue to help these amazing briefing centers create even better experiences for the future of the industry.