Interactive Event Application Used At Booths During VMworld Barcelona

In October 2014, one of Signet’s solutions had the opportunity to shine at one of the world’s biggest technology events. The 2014 VMworld Virtualization Event in Barcelona, Spain featured many leaders in the server/virtualization space presenting and demonstrating the latest cutting-edge IT innovations. Two of those companies were clients of Signet, and both used the Signet event application to make sure their booth space was a great success.   The event application, Signet’s flexible framework for interactive presentations and interactive experiences, has been in use for more than a year all over the world for various conferences and events. The solution features a large touch-enabled display and a tablet device, giving booth presenters flexibility in how they want to present content. For each event, content is updated to stay relevant to the event’s specific topic. In addition, display’s media device and tablets connect to the enterprise content manager for easy downloads, ensuring that the absolute latest material is available wherever the next event is located — a truly portable solution.   Because the 2014 VMworld Virtualization Event took place in Barcelona, this dynamic solution streamlined preparation across international hurdles. For example, one client worked on content while a fleet of tablets were shipped to the event. Once the tablets arrived, each device downloaded the latest content to keep the entire team on the same page. The other client was able to minimize their logistics costs by shipping small form-factor media devices, which were later integrated with rented touch-enabled displays. Both examples showcased the flexibility delivered by Signet’s event application.   Most importantly, both clients found the event to be a huge success. Moving forward, they now know that they can rely on Signet’s event application even across the rigors of massive conferences and international travel. Through flexible mobility, robust interaction, and easy connectivity, the 2014 VMworld Virtualization Event demonstrated that Signet’s clients can truly take their presentations global so they can focus on what matters most: their companies’ innovative solutions.