ABPM’s Fall Workshop Series Touching High-Interest Topics

Last week over 120 ABPM members descended upon the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas for the ABPM Fall Workshop Series, and a couple Signet employees made the trip down. This highly educational ABPM event is a more intimate group setting, and we were impressed with how it allowed and encouraged all the attendees to learn about and discuss high-interest topics in an in-depth way.   On Wednesday and Thursday, attendees were able to choose up to four workshops from the 14 available topics, and we were excited to see how well some of our clients did in leading their workshops:  

  • From Xilinx, Darby Mason-Werner led “Effective Processes and Tools for Briefing Professionals”
  • From EMC, Drew Schlussel co-led “From Data to Insights: Evolving your Program with Analytics”
  • From IBM, Andrea Raabe led “International Protocol for Briefing Professionals”

  With all the workshops focusing on getting attendees involved in a more collaborative and interactive manner, speakers did a great job presenting but the attendees also did a wonderful job sharing their examples, questions, and interests. A couple workshops in particular really grabbed the attention of the Signet attendees and spoke to how some of our products and solutions can be optimized more in their future evolution.   The workshop “Customer Experience – the New World Class Category” shed a lot of light on this new category for world class and spoke to the details behind how it helps elevate a briefing program. Some great discussion came from the idea of Customization and how it can help customers perceive your company as more of a strategic partner instead of just a vender. Another great discussion came from the idea of targeting customer loyalty versus satisfaction and how it can help transform a customer into more of an advocate.   The workshop “From Data to Insights: Evolving Your Program with Analytics” did a great job highlighting not only the importance of analytics but also the best way to position your objectives in a way to set your team up for successful data capture and sharing. There was also great points made around translating sentiment analysis, net promoter score determination, and the difference between a snapshot, trend and forecast.   On Friday morning, the event held its center tours, where attendees could choose to visit 2 of the 3 centers in the Dallas area. We’re proud to have multiple solutions at one tour stop at the IBM Global Solutions Center which not only provided its Friday morning guests with mimosas and breakfast hors d’oeuvre, but leveraged the Signet system to personalize the tour with event welcoming and naming on the lobby wall and room monitors.   Overall the workshop series was extremely thought provoking and couldn’t have been setup better for attendees to feel comfortable learning and also sharing throughout the workshops. The Signet team was excited to join those discussions and not only share their own insights and feedback, but also hear all the other attendees ideas and feedback to learn from that broad group of briefing center professionals and industry leaders.