Utilizing Multi-Purpose Briefing Spaces to Broaden Your Center Experience

Have you ever wondered how to set your presentations on fire? Do you have that special area in your center that can accommodate specialized formats of meetings and work sessions?   Client centers are undergoing a bit of a transformation in having more facilitation flexibility, and thus are becoming more accommodating than ever before! They allow for variety and an increase in custom meetings and briefings, while supporting different formats of presentations, collaboration sessions and discussions.     These areas are seldom your main conference rooms. Instead, they are special zones that can facilitate different formats of demos and work sessions. Implementing the right technology and digital solutions are key factors which allow for many benefits such as flexibility, supportability, and an effective management flow. Moreover, this makes it efficient for your staff, while also offering a positive experience for attendees.   Make an impact with a large-scale display endpoint, such as a multi-screen media wall or a combo of display areas. A display canvas for your work session or presentation, connected to a platform that offers various solutions and tools, adds optimum value and efficiency to your center program.    

  1. Create Powerful Interactive Presentations with The Right Platform

Get the most out of collaborative work sessions, demos and space by using technology that accommodates more interactive sessions. Engage your audience with a media wall, while triggering media on the fly, or pull up a digital whiteboarding application and work on a solution or idea together on the spot.      It is vital that the platform powering this solution offers various digital tools which allow for greater integration into your content manager, scheduling system, media or other data repositories.    

  1. Use Overflow Areas Effectively

At times, it is necessary to use additional space for presentations and streaming meetings. These can take place in an overflow area, another room or even off-site, and give your program extra flexibility in facilitating special customers or events.   Your briefings are not restricted by size but by chair count in your main room. Welcome larger groups in an overflow area; accommodate a large meeting in different areas or part of that group where they can watch and listen to the briefing.    

  1. Make an Impact on Guests as They Walk By

Impress your guests as they walk by your presentation area when not in use by showing impactful content. Heighten brand perception for your guests with powerful brand messages and visually impressive representations of your product offerings.   The technology in this area should be capable of connecting to your center’s scheduling system for more personalized content. When your guests walk by, they could see their company name, logo, or a message related to their industry, and how your products have affected it as well as their success rate.        Take your business to the next level by ensuring that your center is staying ahead of the curve, or at least being mindful of the types of enhancements, center layout, and technology and software solutions available. Additionally, make it easy and efficient for your center staff to use digital solutions to pull it all together, and work on it daily if necessary.