Advanced Technology Experiences in New Corporate Center

Earlier this year eBay opened a new state-of-the-art facility named Main Street at its Headquarters in San Jose, California. The 20,000 square foot hub is an innovative space with advanced technology that demonstrates the scale, and global reach of eBay and the velocity of items bought and sold on eBay, designed to welcome visitors and host employee gatherings.   To concept and execute on this large of a project, eBay brought in various venders from design to technology. Experience Design firm ESI Design led the project, and Signet was proud to be one of the technology venders along with Diversified Systems, Float4, and PBJS who helped bring all the pieces of the complex vision together and working seamlessly. The Signet Digital Engagement Platform was chosen for the center’s content management system that would control all the various content, configurations, and data leveraged by all the digital experiences in the center.   “When we were presented with the outline for Main Street we wanted this building to be creative and innovative with advanced AV that would showcase our buyers and sellers worldwide. Working hand in hand with our peers in Workplace resources, we designed the building around the technology. The whole Media Services team were excited to create a customer experience never before seen at eBay or any other company I have visited,” said Matt Anders, Global Media Services Manager. “We built this from the ground up recreating our global standards. What we have achieved is exceptional. I am very proud of the team. Main Street is our frame work for the future of collaboration at eBay”   See the Main Street center and all its experiences in the video below.  

    eBay leverages their existing Signet enterprise content management system (CMS) to manage all the experiences in Main Street. The Signet CMS which already manages eBay’s global internal communications and other facility functions such as wayfinding, was customized to handle the innovative experience needs at Main Street.   “This center is a great example of dreaming big, and pushing the envelope of what is possible. By keeping focused on the concept design, and executing exceptionally well, the team did a great job of architecting and engineering a solution that connects all of the pieces in a supportable manner,” stated Bryan Nunes; VP of client solutions at Signet. “Sometimes, ideas are delayed due to execution, but this team excelled at understanding and executing on the visions.”   With this amazing facility now in full operation, Signet is excited to see the success of the center for special events and employee functions along with eBay administrators leveraging the Signet content manager to manage content for all the events.